Office of Hawaiian Affairs

OHA Vision and Mission
“Ho’oulu Lāhui Aloha” – To Raise a Beloved Nation.  OHA’s vision statement blends the thoughts and leadership of both King Kalākaua, and his sister, Queen Lili’uokalani.  Both faced tumultuous times as we do today, and met their challenges head on.  “Ho’oulu Lāhui” was King Kalākaua’s motto.  “Aloha” expresses the high values of Queen Lili’uokalani.

Mission Statement
To mālama (protect) Hawai’i’s people and environmental resources and OHA’s assets, toward ensuring the perpetuation of the culture, the enhancement of lifestyle and the protection of entitlements of Native Hawaiians, while enabling the building of a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation, recognized nationally and internationally.

Under the direction of nine trustees elected statewide, OHA has functioned operationally as both a government agency with a strong degree of autonomy, and as a trust. Unlike the Bishop Estate, the Queen Emma Foundation, the Queen Lili’uokalani Trust, the Lunalilo Trust and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands—with their specific, respective purposes of education, medical care, children’s welfare, kūpuna care and homesteading—OHA has a much broader mandate. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for a better life and future for all Hawaiians.

The mix of trust funds, earmarked for Hawaiians of at least 50 percent blood quantum, and general funds, provided annually by the Legislature, allows OHA to serve Hawaiians of any blood quantum. Toward its mission to improve their conditions, OHA participates in task forces and community groups. In addition to running its own programs, OHA provides many community-based programs with major funding and coordinates joint activities with participating organizations. It advocates for Hawaiians in the state Legislature, state and federal courts, in the United States Congress and in the local media, as well as by supporting community initiatives and interests.

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