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“Changing Our Ways,” Gov. Abercrombie’s Budget Announcement, Feb. 21, 2011

Today we are presenting our budget to the legislature and the people of Hawaii.  It is the product of a great team effort by many public employees working literally days and nights to complete it. When our administration took office about 100 days ago, they immediately began a daunting task—first to salvage what we could of the wreckage left from an administration with a fundamentally different view of the proper roles and responsibilities of government.

All departments were tasked to identify the most broken parts of their agencies, to begin developing new working habits under new leadership, and to implement new policies making the best use of limited resources. In the end, all contributed to the development of a factual, clearly delineated, comprehensive budget plan for the legislature.

This budget is a direct reflection of the magnitude of the challenge facing the people of Hawaii. Our margin for error is razor thin. In the face of an $800 million plus deficit which must be balanced, and enormous unfunded liabilities that have been ignored for too long, we must still achieve three essential goals to secure Hawaii’s future:

  1. To restore the functions government beginning with the most basic public needs.
  2. To accelerate our economic recovery with immediate jobs and opportunities.
  3. To reorient our entire government toward the priorities outlined in the New Day plan—investing in human capital and building a sustainable economy.

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Questions about the Abercrombie Budget Plan

Between now and June 2013, the State of Hawaii is facing an $844 million deficit. Click here to read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Governor Abercrombie’s proposals to balance the budget and restore basic government functions.

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