Member Association



Sovereign Mokupuni Council  O Hawaii

(Elections  postponed for April 2011)

President – Kanani Kapuniai

Sovereign Mokupuni Council O Maui

(Elections in 2012)

President – Jared Aiwohi

Sovereign Mokupuni Council O Molokai

(Elections in 2012)

President – Kammy Purdy

Sovereign Mokupuni Council O Oahu

(Elections will be held in July 2011)

President – Kamaki Kanahele

Sovereign Mokupuni Council O Kauai

(Elections held April 2011)

President-  Loraine Rapozo

Sovereign Mokupuni Council  O Lanai

President – Renee Plunkett


Panaewa Hawaiian Homestead Community Association

President – Kelly Lincoln

Waimea Hawaiian Homesteader’s Association, Inc.

(Election held Jan. 27, 2011)

President – Micheal Hodson

Ka Ohana o Kahikinui

President – Aimoku Pali

Paukukalo Hawaiian Homestead Association

President – Olinda Aiwohi

Waiehu Kou Community Association

President – David Hong

Waiehu Kou II Community Association

President – Lisa Kahae Akahi

Waiehu Kou III Community Association

President – Roy Oliver

Waiehu Kou IV Community Association

President  – Leonard Kahuhu

Villages of Leialii

President – Rodney Paahana

Waiohuli Homestead Commuity Association

President – Elvin Kamoku

Hooleuhua Homestead Agriculture Association

President -Tuddie Purdy

Hoolehua Homestead Association

President –  Oochie Bush

Kalamaula Mauka Homestead Association

President- Sybil Lopez

Kamiloloa-One Alii Homestead Association

President – Vivian Ainoa

Kapaakea Homestead Association

President – Leilani Wallace

Molokai Homestead Farmers Alliance

President Viola Mundrik -Wichman

Molokai Homestead Livestock Association

(Elections held April 2011)

President – Lynn De Coite

Kalawahine Streamside Association

(Elections 2010)

President – Richard Soo

Kaupea Homestead Association

President – Michelle Kauhane

Kewalo Hawaiian Homestead Community Association

(Election 2011, Date TBA)

President – Annie Au Hoon

Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association

President –  Kamaki Kanahele

Papakolea Community Association

President – Adam Ah Sing

Waianae Kai Homestead Association

President- Herbert Hew Len

Waianae Valley Homestead Community Association

President – Lokana Keliikoa-Pua

Anahola Hawaiian Homes Association   (Click to Website)

President – Lorraine Rapoza

Anahola Hawaiian Lands Farmers Association

President – Audrey Loo

Kekaha Hawaiian Homesteaders Association

(Election held February 2011)

President – Kawai Van Warren

Ha’uoi O Lanai Hawaiian Homestead Community Association, Inc.

(Election held 2010)

President – Renee Plunkette

Association for Hawaiian Homestead Lands

(Election held 201o)

President – Richard “Dickie” Nelson





If you are interested in joining the Sovereign Council of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly’s Membership, Call our Office at (808) 529-1627 or email: for assistance.  We are happy to serve you!