Check in to see the great development that is unfolding with our Opio Movement!

On Aug. 20-22, 2010 at the Ala Moana Hotel on Oahu, the SCHHA had its 23rd Annual Convention with  150 delegates in attendance and a high percentage being Opio for our homestead communities across 29 Associations in Hawaii.

“Active participation of `opio this year was awesome!  This was by far, the largest contingency of `opio at a SCHHA convention.  `Opio were interested and excited in learning about the Akaka Bill.  They were engaged at every level, from their own  homestead priorities, to statewide homestead issues and the greater Native Hawaiian community.  To all of the sponsors who made it all possible, mahalo nui for your support in raising the next generation of native Hawaiian leaders.” stated Puni Kekauoha, SCHHA `Opio Advisor

Here we are, one week later and the energy is strong!  Opio are actively engaging with each other and embracing their  Kuleana as the next generation of Leaders for their communities and the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly.

Here are some  written comments from Opio and Leadership who attended this years convention and filled out the evaluations forms.

“Very exciting, the opio participation was the highlight of the Convention stated Legislative Chair Mike Mahikina”

“Eye Opener and it was an honor to be an Opio knowing the future is coming stated Kaui Arelliano, Papakolea Opio”

“It was a learning experience and inspired us Opio to start a BIG MOVEMENT, stated Davit Soo,  Chairman of the Newly formed Opio Committee at Kalawahine Streamside Association”

“Being that this is my first time coming to this convention, this experience was very interesting, its amazing to see that there are other Opio’s such as myself that likes to help out in there own Homesteads Its really GREAT! stated Frantasia Kekaualua, Opio from Panaewa hawaiian Homelands Community Association”

“Very eye-opening, informative, moving and motivating,  stated Candice Davis-Bicoy from Kalamaula Mauka Homestead Association”

Stay Connected and  Join the Movement,  by contacting Puni Kekauoha, Opio Advisor at punikekauoha@gmail.com.


Calling on Homestead Opio!

Contact Lahela Hudson and Kaapuni Asaivao at (808) 520.8998 to provide them your contact information to be added to an Opio Communication List.