SCHHA In D.C. to attend NAIHC Legislative Conference

Good morning homestead leaders and families!

I am in DC this week to attend the legislative conference of the National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC), which is the coalition of tribal and native housing authorities and recipients of NAHASDA funds. Over 200 native orgs receive NAHASDA funds nationally, and indeed, it was NAIHC back in 1995 that drafted NAHASDA, and supported our request in 2002 to amend it to include native Hawaiians!

As a former tribal housing authority executive in Indian Country, it’s great to be engaged with NAIHC again – our SCHHA Homestead Housing Authority became a member of NAIHC last year. I expect to see DHHL here this week, as they are the recipient of our NAHASDA funds, which is now only backlog funds and no new allocations. No where else in the country, do NAHASDA funds go to a state govt, in all other cases for American Indians and Alaska Natives, the funds go to a Native controlled nonprofit housing authority.

It’s super chilly here in DC – will keep you posted on the happenings of the next 3 days!

Robin Puanani Danner, SCHHA Chairman