Kaho‘ohalahala case is not a vendetta

June 22, 2011

The Maui News

This letter is in response to a June 14 letter and others regarding the trial of Sol Kaho’ohalahala.

This case has been very simple: Was he or was he not a Lanai resident? The Hawaii Supreme Court said he was not. It said that he did not live on Lanai by any definition of the word “live.”

This case would have been over more than a year ago but Sol refused to let it go and abide by the Supreme Court ruling. He reapplied for Lanai residency and his lawyer continually delayed the proceedings so that Sol could fill out his term.

We are not still pursuing this case. We have been patiently waiting for nine months for Judge Joseph Cardoza to make his ruling. Lanai residents have moved on and are tackling other problems facing our community.

The Lanai residents who initiated these proceedings include a bank manager, a former vice principal of Lanai High, the editor of our local newspaper and other well-respected members of our community. We do not hate Sol and this is not a vendetta by trial. So far we have won every case unanimously – are we supposed to give up?

This case goes to the heart of our democracy – that people have the right to be represented directly by citizens who live among them, not by people who live far away, even if far away is nine miles across the channel.

Phoenix Michael Dupree

Lanai City