Your organization can receive technology donations through TechSoup in just three simple steps: join, register, and qualify.

TechSoup Stock: Bringing Technology Donations to Nonprofits

How To Use TechSoup

At TechSoup, nonprofits and libraries can request and receive technology products donated by TechSoup partners, and they can find tech-focused content and community tuned to their needs. We’re a nonprofit with a clear focus: to make it as easy as possible for other nonprofits and libraries to obtain and use the technologies they need to achieve their goals. As part of that mission, we provide access to over 400 products donated by more than 40 companies — including donor partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.

Your organization can receive technology donations through TechSoup in just three simple steps: join, register, and qualify.

Step One

How to Join

Want technology product donations for your nonprofit or library? Need help from experts and peers to put that technology to work? Your first step is to join TechSoup. It’s simple, and it’s free! To get started, click here.

Next, find out if your organization is already registered with TechSoup. If so, sign up to represent your organization as an authorized agent. If not, register your organization now.

After registering, you’ll submit the documents we need to qualify your organization. Registering an organization automatically enables you to request donations on its behalf.

Now you’re ready to find and request product donations!

To request a product donation through TechSoup:

  • You must be a TechSoup member with an individual account.
  • Your organization must be registered and its status listed as “qualified” by TechSoup.
  • You must be an authorized agent for your organization.
  • Your organization must be eligible to receive the products you request.

Note the difference between qualification of your organization by TechSoup and eligibility for a specific donation according to the rules set by a particular donor partner:

  • “Qualified” means TechSoup has verified your organization’s status and information. You can request product donations even if your organization has not yet been qualified, but the request will be held until qualification is complete.
  • “Eligible” means your organization conforms to the donor partner’s requirements for the program and products requested. To determine your eligibility, see the rules listed on each product page or take the Check Program Eligibility Quiz.

If you registered the organization, you won’t need the association code to request donations — you’ll be recognized automatically as an authorized agent when you log in to your TechSoup account. The Association Code is used to link individual TechSoup members to an organization, giving them the ability to request donations on that organization’s behalf. If you wish to associate with an organization that another user has registered, you will need the organization’s association code.

There are three ways to find products at TechSoup:

  • Browse by categories or tasks: Find the dropdown menu in the right-hand Find Solutions box or the navigation bar on the lower left side of the screen and click the task you want to accomplish with the product. For most tasks, you will be given several subcategories to choose from.
  • Browse by partners: On the dropdown menu in the right-hand Find Solutions box, or on the left navigation bar on the lower left side of the screen, click the name of the technology partner in whose donations you’re interested. You’ll find information about the partner’s donation program as well as a list of available products.
  • Search: In the right hand Find Products box near the top of all TechSoup pages, type the product name or the TechSoup product ID and click Search or Go.