Stand up for veterans this Memorial Day!

Will you stand with Habitat for Humanity to honor veterans?

This Memorial Day, as we honor those who have given their lives for our country, let’s take a moment to also think of those veterans returning home. Please stand with Habitat and support giving veterans a real chance at homeownership.


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Habitat for Humanity: Honoring sacrifice, respecting service

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please stand with Habitat for Humanity to support veterans. Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have given their lives for our country. At Habitat for Humanity, it’s also a time to reflect on their work to help those who’ve returned from service overseas. As your constituent, I sincerely hope you’ll stand with us.

The housing crisis in America has hit veterans particularly hard. In 2008 alone, foreclosure rates in military communities increased by four times the national average. Despite only 8 percent of Americans claiming veteran status, 20 percent of homeless Americans are veterans. We can’t fail these men and women — we owe them too much.

Two federal programs vital to enabling Habitat to serve more families — including veteran households — are the Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) and the Section 4 Capacity Building program. In addition to providing critical resources for purchasing property, developing infrastructure, and building local housing production capacity, Habitat multiplies every grant dollar with five to 10 dollars of private investment in local communities. With the veteran population growing rapidly, and with communities still struggling to overcome the effects of the housing crisis and economic recession, now is not the time to withdraw investments in our neighborhoods. Please maintain FY12 funding for SHOP at $27 million and for Section 4 at $50 million.

As you participate in difficult budget and policy decisions in the coming months, please keep in mind that Habitat’s work goes far beyond supporters like me. Habitat’s model of “sweat-equity,” reasonable loans and community focus makes homeownership possible for people across the country, and serves our veterans and military families. Every returning hero deserves a chance at safe and decent housing. We must do more to help them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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