Health Lectures
Join us for free community health lectures offered by The Queen’s Medical Center. Lectures change monthly and encompass a wide variety of health-related subject matters.
General Wellness
The Queen’s Medical Center offers specialized classes suiting a variety of needs. These classes give you the opportunity to increase awareness of your health and enrich your life.

Baby Matters
Concerned about pregnancy, labor, delivery, motherhood, and taking care of a newborn? Many new and expectant parents are. Fortunately, attending these classes is one of the best ways to diminish your anxiety.
Cancer Concerns
Support groups and specialized classes for those dealing with cancer in thier lives. By attending you can relate personal experiences, listen to others’ stories, and establish helpful social networks.
Wisdom of Women
The Women’s Health Center makes getting the latest women’s health information easy and fun. Courses are presented on many topics that are designed specifically for women’s health.
Schedule of Classes in PDF Form
This is where all of The Queen’s Medical Center’s Health Education classes can be downloaded in a single PDF file.

For additional information, or to register for any of Queen’s health education classes, please call The Queen’s Referral Line at 808.537.7117.


The Queen’s Referral Line (808)  537-7117

The Queen's Referral LineWith one simple phone call, The Queen’s Referral Line can help you find a doctor who meets your personal needs. The Queen’s Referral Line will also take your reservation for many of the classes, lectures and other public events sponsored by Queen’s. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Whether you’re new in town, or just changing doctors, The Queen’s Referral Line will make your search much easier and faster. Queen’s Referral Specialists will help you find a doctor who meets all your needs: specialty, location, education, experience, insurance, age, gender, language, office hours, etc.

From time to time, you may require a second opinion regarding your health care. It could be for an insurance requirement or for your own peace of mind. For whatever reason, The Queen’s Referral Line can help!