Na Moku Ola: If we don’t stop bullying among youth, who will?

May 15, 2011
by Audrey Inaba , for The Maui News

Ask any group of parents, “Is bullying really a big deal?” and you will hear a deluge of angry stories.

Bullying, the intentional, repeated torment and humiliation through a spectrum of behaviors from teasing and social exclusion to gossip and physical injury, has escalated to a national public health issue. In Hawaii, one in three middle-school students reports being bullied.

Like President Obama, few have escaped being a bully, victim, or bystander at some point. Children who are bullied are more likely than their peers to have headaches, abdominal pain, problems sleeping, anxiety, depression, absenteeism and lower school achievement. Bullying is a precursor to youth suicide. It can lead to anti-social, violent and other high-risk behavior. Bystanders feel helpless and become apathetic around the victimization of others.

Yes, bullying is a big a deal.

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