Affordable Homes Get Closer to Construction Start by Kapolei Families


April 18, 2011

Honolulu, HI – The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) held its fourth training session with families participating in the Homestead Self Help Program (HSHP) on April 9, 2011 in Kapolei.  The HSHP assists groups of families to build their own homes, creating savings through group material purchases and family labor contributions.

Training sessions work with the group to qualify for home financing, review the role of homeowners insurance, floor plans and managing construction costs in preparation for building to begin. The group has been together since June 2010.

“Every meeting brings us closer to homeownership,” commented Kuulei Naniho, program participant from Kaneohe.  “We are all looking forward to getting our hands dirty and working with CNHA and program partners to build and move into our new homes.”

Families in the program are on the waiting list of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, but will soon become homeowners under the innovation of the HSHP.  CNHA delivers financial education, loan packaging, floor plans and cost estimating assistance, and coordination of specialty contractors and suppliers with the group of families.

“These training sessions are a joy, to see the meeting filled with both beneficiaries and their ohana,” said Rosalee Puaoi, CNHA Project Manager.  “Families are getting more excited as we review home loans, insurance policies, payment policies and procedures and building materials.  They know construction is right around the corner.”

The Kapolei 10 homes represent the second project of CNHA and its Homestead Self Help Program.  The first project is in its final 3 weeks of construction, a total of 12 homes in the Anahola Homestead on Kauai.  Projects are also underway on Hawaii Island, with 10 homes planned for a family group there.

“DHHL assigns our nonprofit a group of lots in each of their subdivisions where they are building market priced homes,” said Robin Danner, CNHA President.  “We then work with families on the wait list that may be unable to qualify for the developer built homes, through our self help approach to lower the cost and affordability.  It’s a great partnership with DHHL to meet the diverse needs of the entire range of their beneficiaries.”

“In the current economic times, innovation and partnerships are absolutely vital in serving our mission under the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act,” Commission Chairman Alapaki Nahale-a said.  “The Department is on a path toward delivering on the promise of the Hawaiian home lands trust, and to do so, we need every idea and every solution on the table. The CNHA self-help program is one such solution.”

For more information on the CNHA Homestead Self Help Program, email or contact Rosalee Puaoi, CNHA Project Manager at 808.596.8155.  If you have received an undivided interest lease from DHHL, you may be eligible to participate in the next self help project planned for Kapolei, Laiopua or Anahola.

CNHA is a Hawaii-based nonprofit working to enhance the cultural, economic and community development of Native Hawaiians.  For more information about other CNHA services, please visit the website at


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