KipuKai KUALI`I sworn in as Kaua`i’s newest councilmember

 Lihu`e, Kaua`i, Hawai`i (April 12, 2011) – KipuKai KUALI`I, 8th place finisher in Kaua`i’s most recent Council elections was sworn in as Kauai’s newest councilmember last night.  KUALI`I was unanimously appointed on Monday to fill the council vacancy caused by Derek Kawakami’s departure for the State House.

“I’m humbled and honored by this appointment and look forward to serving the people of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau.  Of course, I wish my friend, former Councilmember, current Representative Derek Kawakami the very best in his new role at the Legislature!”

“My heartfelt thanks go to Chair Jay Furfaro, the Council and to all the KUALI`I for Kaua`i supporters who worked so hard on the past two campaigns and over the last week.  I also want to thank former Senator, Gary Hooser and former Representative, Mina Morita for their support, example and inspiration over the years.”

“The learning curve will be steep, however, I’m confident I will be able to contribute significantly from day one.  As far as the current budget deliberations, I’m excited because I’ve always been a numbers guy and working in the finance area is definitely one of my strengths.”

“I’m ready to get right to work and I’d like to thank all the folks, including concerned citizens, the council services and county clerk staff, as well as my fellow councilmembers for all the support they will provide in helping me be the best councilmember I can be.”



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