Kanu Hawaii is very excited to announce the beta launch of KanuValues!

Thousands of Kanu members have made commitments to use their hard earned dollars to support companies that are doing good. Kanuvalues.com makes it easier for you to fulfill your commitment by offering you amazing deals from local, socially/environmentally responsible organizations. Of course it is not just about the deals, that is why Kanu Values will also help nonprofits share their stories and needs with the community.

The site is live and our first deal is the 2011 HonuGuide, with $4,000 in discounts from local, green businesses in Hawaii. Check it out and let us know what you think. Make sure to sign up for future deals, share the values with your friends, and enter to will some free giveaways. 100% of the revenue from this deal supports Kanu Hawaii!

You can read a blog post to get more information about why Kanu Hawaii is launching Kanu Values.

• Social Advertising and Social Giving. KanuValues is not just about the deal. We educate our social network on the good things businesses are doing that align with a sustainable island lifestyle. We are not just selling a product or service, rather we are building a network of individuals and businesses that care about Hawaii. To top it all off, deals help build grass root support for a featured non-profit that shares their mission and needs with the community. And 100% of the revenue that we take goes directly to non-profits (With at least 10% going to the partnering nonprofit).

• Vote with your Dollars. We believe that each dollar we spend can be used to benefit our island community and sustain our island way of life; therefore, we try to offer you the opportunity to do good at a great price with each of our deals. Leveraging the power of group purchasing we can put more money into businesses that are doing good, while supporting local nonprofits.

• Share your Values. At Kanu Values we believe it is important to share your values with your community. We make it easier for you to share information about businesses that do good and nonprofits that you want to help via facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets. And, of course, you share deals at the same time.

• Stand With Us. Purchase a deal, support a nonprofit and join us at Kanuhawaii.org. The changes we need to make in Hawaii are great. But if we all take individual small steps, we can take big steps together.

You can read a blog post to get more information about why Kanu Hawaii is launching Kanu Values. You can share you thoughts as well.


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