Sand sculptors, spectators greet Hawaiian Santa

The Garden Island

By Dennis Fujimoto

December 26, 2010 8:45 am

Photos by Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island Santa Claus takes time to greet his fans of all ages and from many different lands during his short visit to Kalapaki Beach, Friday afternoon.
NAWILIWILI — Grandma was not run over by a reindeer; she was trampled by several hundred pairs of feet.

Jeff Haigh, a sand artist from Auburn, Calif., said Friday afternoon “the scene of attack” described in the popular Christmas tune was at Kalapaki Beach where he was working on a sculpture. Santa Claus arrived aboard a double-hulled canoe accompanied by a variety of other water craft.

The sound of the pu and the sight of the flotilla attracted several hundred people who were enjoying the afternoon sun at the popular beach fronting the Kaua‘i Marriott Resort and Beach Club.

As the canoe bearing a shaka-flashing Santa cruised the shoreline, it attracted a horde of people to the landing site where Haigh was creating his “Dogpile” mound and Jeff Peterson of Kalaheo was sand-sculpting a giant Christmas present.

Contributed by Garden Isle, Dennie Fujimoto

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