Permaculture Stays on Molokai

December 23, 2010
By Jill Ross and Harmonee Williams

Permaculture may be a relatively new word, but the idea behind it is ancient. Permaculture comes from studying traditional native systems that were truly sustainable, one of them being the ahupua`a system of Hawaii. It was bringing back this system, as well as tackling some of Molokai’s large-scale problems, such as mauka erosion and the resulting siltation on our reefs, that prompted Sust`aina-ble Molokai to initiate a recent comprehensive series of training.

From October through December, four intensive permaculture courses were held on Molokai, offered through a partnership between the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) USA, Sust`aina-ble Molokai, and the Alu Like, Ho`ala Hou Program. The goal of these trainings was to provide tools to restore Molokai’s threatened watersheds, including the fishponds and reefs, to increase food security (i.e., grow more food on-island), and to create economic opportunities for residents.

Contributed by Molokai Dispatch  Mark Hayden

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