Costco expansion plans include gas station

December 26, 2010

By HARRY EAGAR,  Staff Writer

KAHULUI – Costco plans to expand its Kahului store and build a gas station next door as part of A&B Properties’ first part of Maui Business Park Phase II.

For years, rumors have alleged that a corrupt bargain between other gasoline sellers and county government have kept Costco from selling gas here.

There is no truth to that, said Mike Dubrota of Northwest Atlantic, the real estate agent for Costco. “I’ve never received any push back,” he said Thursday.

The problem was that the lot was too small, 12.8 acres. The lot was not originally sized to fit Costco’s needs. It was intended for a Sam’s Club. When Wal-Mart backed out, Costco took over the property.

Contributed by Maui News, HARRY EAGAR,  Staff Writer

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