Office of Hawaiian Affairs FY 2001 Grants Program

OHA grant funding will facilitate strategic partnering opportunities with community organizations with direct performance links to OHA’s Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016 as applicant organizations are asked to also align itself with one or more of OHA’s Strategic Priorities.  All proposals for grants from OHA must describe how their program will achieve the results enumerated in the Plan, and how what they are proposing will make a difference and derive the results we hope to achieve in the lives of Native Hawaiians.

A grant request will be considered only if it aligns with OHA’s Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016, and applicant organizations are required to identify one or more of OHA’s Strategic Priorities of Ho‘okahua Waiwai (Economic Self-Sufficiency), ‘Äina (Land & Water), Mo‘omeheu (Culture), Mauli Ola (Health), ‘Ea (Governance), and Ho‘onaauao (Education), and one or more of the Strategic Results.  The extent to which an organization is able to explain in its application how it intends to assist OHA in achieving these measurable results, will determine its success in securing funding.

Types of Community Grants

KAUHALE  Grants 10/29/10 Up to $25,000
KAIAULU Grants 10/29/10 Up to $100,000
Community Based Economic Development (CBED) 10/15/10 Up to $50,000
AHAHUI  Event Grants 07/31/10, 11/30/10, 01/31/11 Up to $10,000
Community Event Sponsorships 07/31/10, 11/30/10, 01/31/11 More than $10,000
BOT – LEVEL II 11/30/10 More than $100,000

Community Grants Applications and Forms

Click on the Links below to download applications to each of the funding categories.

Kauhale Grant Application
Kaiaulu Grant Application
Community Based Economic Development (CBED) Application
Ahahui Event Grant Application
Community Event Sponsorship Application

Community Grants Workshop Schedule

Workshops provide information on OHA’s new Strategic Plan, Grants Program funding opportunities, eligibility criteria, and application process.   Organizations interested in applying for OHA funding are highly encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting an application.  Each of the O‘ahu workshops will focus on a particular funding category of the OHA Community Grants Program.  The Neighbor Island workshops will be more comprehensive and cover all of the funding categories.

Registration for workshops is required as seating is limited.  To register for O‘ahu workshops, call 594-1961 or 594-1997.  For Neighbor Island workshops, please contact our island offices.