Hawaii's overall health among best in nation

By Rosemarie Bernardo

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Dec 12, 2010

Hawaii was ranked No. 5 in the nation in overall health due principally to low rates for the uninsured and for deaths from cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to a recent report.

How hawaii measures up

The state’s national ranking by category and change from 2009
» Air pollution: No. 4, down from No. 1
» Cancer deaths: No. 2, no change
» Cardiovascular deaths: No. 2, no change
» Children in poverty: No. 26, down from No. 13
» Health insurance: No. 2, no change.
» High school graduation: No. 30, down from No. 29
» Immunizations: No. 44, down from No. 32
» Infant mortality: No. 14, down from No. 13
» Infectious disease: No. 40, down from No. 36
» Low prevalence of obesity: No. 4, up from No. 5
» Low prevalence of smoking: No. 7, down from No. 5
» Low prevalence of binge drinking: No. 35, up from No. 43
» Occupational fatalities: No. 22, no change
» Primary care physicians per 100,000 population: No. 7, no change
Source: America’s Health Ranking

The 2010 America’s Health Ranking placed Vermont atop the list in overall health, followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Hawaii. The five states that ranked at the bottom were Oklahoma, Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi at No. 50.

Last year, Hawaii was initially ranked No. 4, but after the United Health Foundation received updated information its ranking dropped to No. 5, where it remains in the latest report.

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