Molokai Women’s Health Center Celebrates 25years

November 04, 2010

By Molokai Advertiser-News
Molokai General Hospital President Janice Kalanihuia, Phyllis Laraiso, CNM
and Joan Thompson were among the organizers of the 25th anniversary of the
Women’s Health Center. Since 1985, when Jenny Whitman delivered the first
baby, Brandon Hirashima, Certified Nurse Midwives have been the major deliverer
of Women’s Health care, from prenatal, birthing to menopausal and post
menopausal care. In 24 years, one thousand four hundred and eighty-eight
Molokai babies were delivered by the Certified Nurse Mdiwives.
Dr. Ralph Hale, Jenny Whitman, Janice Kalanihuia and Phoebe Starkey were
the first staff. One of the medical residents who trained under Dr. Hale, Dr. E.
Battacharya continues the obstetric-gynecological backup at the Women’s Center.
In the photograph, Phyllis Laraiso holds a plaque presented to the MGH
Women’s Health Center by Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition for the
years of service to Molokai women.
The afternoon event followed a morning Health Fair with presentations to Dr.
Hale, Dr. Battacharya and activities. Displays of photographs of the 15th anniversary
and of all the babies and moms were enjoyed by all.