Students from Kapa’a High School Create Virtual Business ‘Kamp Kauai’

The Garden Island, Thursday, October 21, 2010 11:45 pm

Christina Farina’s economics class (Farina is front left) at Kapa‘a High School created a virtual business, Kamp Kaua‘i.

KAPA‘A — At Kapa‘a High School, Christine Farina has taken part in an organization to help teach her economics class what business is all about.

The program, California Virtual Enterprise, is a worldwide system that separates into an American section, and further to a California branch. Farina’s economics class is believed to be the first in Hawai‘i to use the (California) Virtual Enterprise system.

Every year, Farina has the class break up into groups and come up with ideas for a potential business on Kaua‘i. These groups each make a presentation of their idea and advertise it to the class, who vote on what business should be used. This year, the ideas ranged from a tropical flower plantation called Seventh Sense, to a family camping and activities business named Kamp Kaua‘i and a recreational center called Hale o Le‘a le‘a.

The class went with Kamp Kaua‘i, embracing the concept of a place where local families and tourists alike can plan fun camping trips and other activities, such as surfing, hiking or zip-lining, a press release states.

Although no one will actually be going on these camping adventures, the business side of it is legitimate and real. Every student applies for a position by writing a resume, cover letter and an application before having an interview. These positions are in departments such as administration, human resources, accounting, technology plus sales and marketing. This simulates the actual feel of business for the economics students.

For Kamp Kaua‘i, the ideas are big. Based around the concept of organized family or group camping, the students would like to incorporate any and every fun outdoor adventure that people can do on Kaua‘i, like hiking, bike-riding, swimming, sailing and camping.