4th Annual Distinctive Women In Hawaiian History Program

Hawai`i Council for the Humanities presents the 4th Annual Distinctive Women In Hawaiian History Program, He Ho‘olaule‘a No Nā Mo‘olelo o Nā Wāhine, A Celebration of Women’s History, Saturday, October 23rd , 8:30am-5:00pm. The celebration returns to Hawai`i Convention Center with its world-class theater and the embracing Hawaiian gathering place of its Jean Charlot Courtyard. It’s centrally located in downtown Honolulu, only a 10 minute walk from Waikiki Beach hotels.

Female political ambition & betrayal, women of World War II Hawai`i navigating unimaginable paths in an era of change that transformed the post-war lives they were to lead, Hawaiian hospitality healing the battle weary, feisty female Japanese sugar cane workers’ reminiscing thru song their deeply felt emotions & surprisingly candid domestic sexual passions, kapa artistry, eugenics sterilization laws, art outreachwithin the war zone of the Territory of Hawai‘i under martial law, and our fascination of Korean-Drama (K-Drama) – quite the combination and just a sampling of this year’s presentations!

This innovative cultural program showcases the under-told stories of women in Hawaiian history in each of its presentations.  Cultural practitioners and community history presenters share these little known history contributions using illustrated lectures, chants, traditional Hawaiian storytelling, dramatic performances, film, and slam & linked poetry.   William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate William Charles Lunalilo Trust EstateWilliam Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate

Special Registration discount thru Friday, Oct. 15th. We also have Young Adult (age 13-21) partial scholarships provided by the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation. Registration includes: 8.5 hours one-of-a-kind cultural history experience, catered meal, & beverages.  Registration Form and Event Schedule are posted at: www.distinctivewomenhawaii.org

Please share this invitation with others who have an interest in Hawaiian cultural and an appreciation of history. Also, it might be a good weekend to call in West Coast family & friends for a full weekend of Hawaiian cultural activities as this particular weekend is a “culture rich environment” and airfares are attractively low before December’s holiday price hikes. (See our web site’s Cultural Heritage Visitors Guide for weekend planning suggestions.)

A gentleman recently asked with a sense of alarm “what is this…some kind of women’s movement?”

I reassured him this was not a “women’s movement” but indeed a movement not exclusive to either gender. It’s a movement of the mind, that engages the soul, that reminds us that we are part of a legacy of strong women, women of purpose, women not untouched by human weaknesses, and women whose unfailing courage continues to inspire and challenge us while we consider our own path.  Yes, it is “a movement” in the communal discovery of women stories that fell by the wayside and are need of sharing once again for a fuller appreciation of history.

We are honored to be partnering with Hawai`i Council for the Humanities in showcasing these under-examined histories, in ways that illuminate the lives’ and significance of these women. Please plan to join us by registering this week!


Jamie Conway, Event Director & Founder

Distinctive Women in Hawaiian History Program