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Aloha ka mano

The move to pass the recent shark-finning bill was driven by ecological and humanitarian reasons. Hawaiian cultural values were not vigorously invoked during the process. The Hawaiian voice was noticeably silent on this one.


How much do we know about ‘aumäkua? We know enough to know that sharks should be protected for cultural as well as humanitarian and ecological reasons.

Hihia molaki

Non-judicial foreclosure laws include a one-year grace period for mortgagors.

He ‘ōlelo paipai

In tribute to the late Ilei Beniamina, Kauakūkalahale reprints an article by her from her weekly Hawaiian language column, Nā Nū Hawai‘i, printed in the Garden Island newspaper on Friday, Jan. 3, 1986. The introduction is by Keao NeSmith

No ia pua ‘ala aumoe

Synopsis: A beautiful remembrance of Jean Ileialoha Keale Beniamina.

Kupa lā manō

A new law banning shark finning that was introduced by state Sen. Clayton Hee (D) and signed by Gov. Linda Lingle (R) is serving as a model for the rest of the world on how to behave responsibly toward our fellow living beings.

Hana pono Obama

World opinion about the U.S. spikes. Opportunity is ripe to make good on U.S.’s promise to restore the Kingdom government.

Ka Pule ‘Ele‘ele

Remember the Day of Restored Independence. Remember, too, Black Week and the failed mission of Minister Willis.

Ka piliwaiwai ma Hawai‘i

Should gambling be legalized in Hawai‘i in order to fund struggling programs such as our state Department of Education?.

Nā puke hiō

Synopsis: New books on Hawai‘i’s history are needed that focus on empirical data rather than bias.